Origin and focus:

Nigeria has an incredibly rich and influential artistic history and we present that in many ways. These are the most positive stories our country has to tell about itself in a world committed to branding us negatively. Given this rich artistic history and present, we find it odd at best and detrimental to Nigeria’s future at worst that Nigeria’s artistic does not receive the support it needs to further its participation in creating a story of our country.

We founded the Center for Art and Creative Talent (CACT), registered in Nigeria on the 27th of June 2012 as a non-governmental organization in order to improve the visibility and opportunities for emerging artists in Nigeria. CACT seeks not just to celebrate our collective and individual creativities, but also to nurture and support creative talent by providing an accepting and motivating community for artists and the people around them.

CACT believes that:

-Art and creative talent in its many forms are as essential for a country’s positive development and growth as well as economic or political growth.

– Art is a key driver of innovation. It expands the thought processes, invites discussion and allows for an escape from the everyday stress of life into the dream space where new ideas about who we are and visions of whom and how we can be; are born.
– Art is an essential but often undervalued part of education. Art can help us learn how to better communicate. It can help us build the confidence we need to make bold decisions as individuals and as a people.

– Art is necessary to unite Nigeria’s often factitious and contentious social and religious ecosystem. Like sport, art can bring communities together to celebrate achievement, excellence and shared heritage. Even when contentious, if properly contextualized, art can prompt a discussion about different beliefs, ideas and cultural practices that can lead to greater understanding and productive change.

– The foundation strongly believes in the values of diligence, discipline, dedication and determination as fundamental requirements needed for the success of every purpose driven organization.

– Art is who we are, how we live, where we live, and why we live.


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